Planner Layouts!!!

Hi guys! I have been recently working on different layouts for my planners!  #plannerlove If you’re a planner addict like me, you’ll definitely appreciate this post!  I’ve been incoporating clear stamps, washi tapes, stickers, calligraphy and card stock into my planner spreads!  Are you addicted to planners too?   How do you guys decorate your […]


DESK TOUR & Planner Supply Storage

[Desk Tour & Planner Supply Storage] Hey guys!  I hope everyone is having the most amazing week!  I FINALLY got around to filming my Desk Tour/Planner Supply Storage video!  If you are a stationary addict, planner junkie, or just enjoy viewing what’s on other people’s desks…then scroll down for the video! If you are interested […]

dream desk

Dream Desk Space

Hey Guys!! I hope everyone is having the most amazing week so far!  In hopes of creating my dream desk space,  I recently did a run to Michaels, The Home Goods Store and Jo Ann Fabrics.  I had some INCREDIBLE luck and found some AMAZING items to add to my craft/office area!  I decided to […]


Washi Tape

Welcome to the World of Washi Tape!!! I hope all of you are having the most amazing weekend!  I’m not sure if you guys are as obsessed with planner supplies as I am, but if you are…then you will definitely enjoy this post!  I have always <3’ed collecting cute/adorable planners and have just recently gotten into […]

April Favorites


Hey guys!  Here is a video showcasing my April FAVORITES!! These are items that I used and <3’ed in the month of April and couldn’t wait to share 🙂  A majority of these April Favorites are skincare along with a few random ones in the end! If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please do!  I will […]

Eyelash Extensions


Hey guys!  Welcome back to my blog! I decided to post about my experience with eyelash extensions.  If you are considering getting lash extensions, currently have them, or are contemplating removing your eyelash extensions, this video should be pretty informative! If you enjoyed this video and want to see more videos in the future, comment […]


DIY Coffee Table

If you are looking for a fun/creative/AWESOME weekend project, look no further! Mike and I decided to spend one of our weekends making our very own DIY coffee table. After searching through various stores, magazines and websites, we decided it would be more meaningful to create and fully customize our own. Here is what you need: 4 Apple […]

image4 (2)-web size-2

Customized Planners

For those of you getting ready to kick off the school year, what better way to start a new semester than getting organized with a new planner! If you are on the lookout for a cute, trendy, customizable one, you are in luck!  Check out the Heidi Swapp Collection for their super adorable 2015 planners! I am always […]

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